Monochromatic ARTWORK

What do you notice about this picture?









On Thursday 18th April, grade 1/2 students experimented mixing paint to form a monochromatic scale of colours.

How did you figure out  how to make various shades of your chosen colour?

What is a ‘tint’?

What is a ‘shade’?

How do tints and shades affect the value of the colour?

Literacy/Religion Task

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours

Watch the following video and then answer the following questions.

1. What was Jacob?
2. Who was the latest edition to the family?
3. What work did the brothers have to do?
4. How did the brothers feel about Joseph? What evidence is there?
5. Describe the dream that Joseph had? What happened?
6. What was the ‘present’ that Jacob gave to his son? Describe
7. Describe the 2nd dream that Joseph has?
8. What did Joseph’s brothers call him, when he approached the field?
9. How do you think Joseph felt with the way that his brother’s treated him?
10. What did the brother’s want to do to Joseph?


Term 4 Homework – Week 1

SEL Homework Task:




Answer the question, “What Does It Mean to be HEALTHY?”



Grade 1s:






Grade 2s:

Use the above number relevant for your grade and try to make the target by:

1.  adding two numbers

2. subtracting two numbers

3. adding three numbers

4. adding and subtracting

5. starting with a number greater than 10 (for grade 1s) and 100 (for grade 2s).

6. starting with 5

7. using the easiest way

8. using the hardest way.



Homework Task – Week 9

Alliterating Pets

Alliteration is when we repeat the first letter of each word in a sentence. Look at the example below:



  Dog does dirty dishes!!






Look at the picture below and create an alliterating sentence using between 3-5 words that depicts what is happening.








An example: Enjoyable, enthusiastic, elephant exercising


This week students do not have a blogging activity to complete. I am though ‘posting’ what the expectation for homework is for week 6, due on the 29/8/12.

1. Students have been given new Mathletics tasks, one for each night.

2. Religion focus – Students are to trace their hand on a page in their homework book (students may also like to trace their parents’ hand). They then need to ask each person in their family to write on each finger how they show love and care for each other. Students can then decorate their page with pictures of their family.