The North Wind and The Sun


Balloon Joining Words








Click on the picture above to take you to the GAME where you focus on using conjuctions to join sentences together.


Alien Punctuation








A fun game to help you learn or revise the use of punctuation marks.









Have some fun and improve your spelling with your choice of various spelling games.

PROCEDURAL TEXT – How to make a cup of Tea





The Magic Key Literacy Activities from BBC











Online Literacy Activities




 Watch the following clips on Sovereign Hill. What do you see? How does it differ to our life today? Do you have any wondering questions?


Nessie’s Story

Listen to the following story and then create some questions (about the story). Click on the picture to listen to the story!


Storyline Online – Click on the picture to listen to a story read by a Screen Actor Guild member!

Man and the Donkey – John Simpson Cook Patrick


Reciprocal Reading – Strategy to assist comprehension



 Reading Eggs Website Sign In

Spellodrome Website Sign In Page

Puzzle Shapes: Dragon Puzzle

Mighty Books – Search here a range of stories, songs and jokes.


BBC KS1 Bitesize Games – practise different areas of literacy with these activities.

KS1 Bitesize Literacy

Story It Word Games – lots of fun word games.


 Learning to READ at Starfall – Have fun learning to READ!

 Read, Write Think – Picture Match: Match pictures to their beginning letter sound

Mem Fox – Reads Aloud: Listen to Mem Fox read several stories out loud

High Frequency Word Drop Read the sentences and place the appropriate High Frequency Word in the space.


Research the following links to find out about snails and their habitat!

Can you keep snails as PETS????

Pet Snails

Welcome to SNAIL City

Garden Snails

Snails Make FINE Pets???

Snail FACTS!

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