Building Community – Prayer in the Junior Building

Every Friday parents are invited to join in morning prayer in the Junior Building.

Last week the Junior teachers promised the parents, that they would be able to lead prayer. Well… what a success! Thank you to all parents that ”volunteered” and stood in front of our gathering space.

I believe that you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!!

This is what some students had to say about the parents leading prayer:

‘I thought it was very funny. It looked very different to see parents leading the prayer. It made me feel excited  to see my dad singing’ – Aria

‘It made me feel very happy and it was funny to see that the adults were up leading prayer’ – Bianca

‘I have to speak the truth. I was a little embarrassed because I don’t like performing in front of BIG groups.’ – Tom

‘I felt happy to see my dad up there.’ – Giles

‘I thought that the parents were a little bit nervous but I enjoyed it.’ – Ty

‘I think that the parents did a really good job being brave because they stood up infront of the whole class singing prayer.’ – Kirsten



Parents, please share with us how you felt about prayer this morning? We would love to hear from you?