SEL- Girls and Boys are GREAT!!

As part of our SEL unit, we started talking about things that we like and dislike. After some discussion and a short survey, this is what we found out. We used the Web2 tool ‘Create a Graph’ to graph data.

Online Graphing

Online Graphing
Create a chart

ANSWER the following questions. If you can think of another question, please add it to your comment.

1. Which activity was ‘liked’ the most?

2. Which activity was ‘liked’ the least?

3. Which two ‘liked’ activities are very close?

4. What does the ‘liked’ yellow bar represent?

5. Which two ‘disliked’ activities has a difference of 2?

6. Which activity was ‘disliked’ the most?

7. 26 students disliked these activities. What might they be?

8. What was ‘disliked’ the least?


Term 4 Homework – Week 1

SEL Homework Task:




Answer the question, “What Does It Mean to be HEALTHY?”



Grade 1s:






Grade 2s:

Use the above number relevant for your grade and try to make the target by:

1.  adding two numbers

2. subtracting two numbers

3. adding three numbers

4. adding and subtracting

5. starting with a number greater than 10 (for grade 1s) and 100 (for grade 2s).

6. starting with 5

7. using the easiest way

8. using the hardest way.