Ormie the Pig

After watching this short clip answer the following questions.

1. What is Ormie trying to do?

2. What values are evident? Give examples.

3. How would YOU solve the problem if you were Ormie?



Writing detailed sentences can sometimes prove to be quite challenging BUT using the ‘Stretch a Sentence’ strategy can make things a little easier. When using this strategy various word prompts assist us to write a more interesting sentence.
An example has been provided for you!

My beautiful fish

My beautiful fish swam in her tank.

All day long, my beautiful fish swam in her tank.

All day long, my beautiful fish swam in her tank in my room.

All day long, my beautiful fish swam in her tank in my room because she was happy.

I’m sure you would agree, that the final sentence sounds more interesting!!

Your homework task is to write an interesting sentence using the above strategy on this post.
Everyone is to use the same sentence starter- My shaggy dog.
When you have posted your sentence use ONLY your first name and the initial of your surname!
Mr. Mark and I can’t wait to read your sentences!! GOODLUCK and HAVE FUN!!
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RACV Road Safety Incursion

RACV Road Safety Incursion on PhotoPeach

These are the things that the students learnt from Anne’s incursion. I learnt:

About putting your seat belt on and sitting at the back if you are little -Dimitri

When cars are coming you shouldn’t cross until they are gone – Rueben

That you are only allowed to cross when the cars are gone – Mia

That when you are walking at night you need to wear bright clothes – Katie

When you are crossing the street you should always cross with an adult – Dakotah

When you need to cross the road, pick a safe spot – Nikita

That children shouldn’t sit in the front seat – Alexandra

You always need to wear runners when you are riding a bike – Madison

That if you are under 145cm you need to sit in a booster seat – Daniel

Always make sure that your seatbelt is on your hard part of the shoulder, not the soft parts – Lucas

That you can’t wear thongs when you are riding a bike, because you can trip over and it is dangerous – Holly T

You always have to wear a seatbelt when in a car – Lara

When you are rding a bike you need to wear a helmet – Abbey

When you are riding a skateboard, you have to wear knee pads – Evie

Your helmet needs to be as bright as your clothes – Matthew

Always remember to put your helmet on the right way – Holly O

If you are eight years old you do not need to sit in a booster chair – Ben

When you are in a street, ‘STOP, LOOK and LISTEN’ for cars – Kirsten

If you want to sit in the front and you are seven, you need to sit on a booster chair – Thomas

When you are riding your bike on a pathway, watch out for cars backing out of a driveway – Luke

When you ride a motorcycle you don’t wear the same helmet as the one when you ride a bike – Fabian

Don’t go riding a bike with bare feet, otherwise you will get sore feet – Marco

Always keep your shoelaces tied up, or you might trip – Kylah

When the lolly pop lady/man blows the whistle two times, it means that the people can cross the road – Evan
That a person crossing a road is called a pedestrian – Dearna

People should wear light colored clothes when they walk at night time. For exaple, light orange and light blue.

When you see a ‘STOP’ sign, you always need to stop – Ophelia

The Potato People


Grade 1/2 students read The Potato People by Pamela Allen this week. After reading the story, students put on their GREEN hat and created these characters! What do you think about their creativity? Boys and girls which part of the story, was your favourite?