Oil Pastels and Baby Oil










Last week grade 1/2 students made a still life using oil pastels.

Once finished, they used baby oil to blend the colours together.

What do you think? Have you tried using baby oil on art pieces before? If so, when and what was completed?


Monochromatic ARTWORK

What do you notice about this picture?









On Thursday 18th April, grade 1/2 students experimented mixing paint to form a monochromatic scale of colours.

How did you figure out  how to make various shades of your chosen colour?

What is a ‘tint’?

What is a ‘shade’?

How do tints and shades affect the value of the colour?

The Potato People


Grade 1/2 students read The Potato People by Pamela Allen this week. After reading the story, students put on their GREEN hat and created these characters! What do you think about their creativity? Boys and girls which part of the story, was your favourite?