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I would like to introduce some of the members of my family. These are all of my lovely pets!!

This is Sheeba with her 10 adorable puppies.

Next is Sheeba’s husband! Yes husband. His name is Simba and he absolutely adores her. Follows her everywhere, although he did enjoy an outing to the beach while Sheeba was looking after the puppies!!

Next we have Felix. Felix is a shy and timid tabby cat who enjoys sleeping on Mr. Cs side of the bed. He loves cuddles and has excellent manners and wakes me up early each morning (about 4am) to go to the toilet!!

Next we have PUGSLEY! He looks a little flat faced you think?? That’s because he is. He is a male Exotic Persian and I’m sure I’ve heard him talk to me! He likes fine dining and has an amazing personality.

Last but definately not least, there is Santa Cruise. Yes he is an alpaca and he gives a mighty spit when he is not happy.

This is Santa Cruise being sheared. He was NOT at all happy!

My CrazyTalk from Eva T on Vimeo.

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