SEL- Girls and Boys are GREAT!!

As part of our SEL unit, we started talking about things that we like and dislike. After some discussion and a short survey, this is what we found out. We used the Web2 tool ‘Create a Graph’ to graph data.

Online Graphing

Online Graphing
Create a chart

ANSWER the following questions. If you can think of another question, please add it to your comment.

1. Which activity was ‘liked’ the most?

2. Which activity was ‘liked’ the least?

3. Which two ‘liked’ activities are very close?

4. What does the ‘liked’ yellow bar represent?

5. Which two ‘disliked’ activities has a difference of 2?

6. Which activity was ‘disliked’ the most?

7. 26 students disliked these activities. What might they be?

8. What was ‘disliked’ the least?


11 thoughts on “SEL- Girls and Boys are GREAT!!

  1. 1 chocolate.
    2 hide’n’ seek
    3 computer games and pet care
    4 soccer
    5 chocolate and animals
    6 time out
    7 thunder and spiders
    8 chocolate
    9 adding all the likes and dislikes how many up what number do you have.
    From Simon and India

  2. hello mrs Tomazos,
    2.hide and seek
    3.cholate and pet care
    5.animals and choclate
    6.time out
    7.spiders and thunder

  3. 1.Chocolate
    2.Hide and seek
    3.Chocolate and pet care
    5.Chocolate and animals
    7.Spiders and thunder
    9.In likes add up 2 more numbers that = ?
    From Harrison and Lara. M

  4. hello mrs tomazos
    2.hide ‘n seek care and tech g
    7.spiders and thunder
    9. wich differnts of threes?

  5. 1. Chocolate
    2. Hid n’ Seek
    3.Chocolate and Pet care
    5.animals and thunder
    7.spiders and thunder
    9. How many people dislike broccoli?

  6. Hi Mrs Tomazos

    1.chocolate was liked the most
    2.time out was disliked the most
    3.38 and 40
    6.time out
    7.Thunder spiders
    9.What would spiders plus Broccoli

  7. Hi Mrs Tomazos
    1 chocolate.
    2 hide ‘n’ seek
    3chocolate and pet care
    4 sccer
    5 animals and chocolate
    6 time out
    7barbie dolls
    8 chocolate
    9 How many numbers to get to 37 from 34?
    From Jamie and Connor

  8. 1 Chocolate.
    2 Hide and seek.
    3 Pet care and tech G.
    4 Soccer.
    5 Animals and Thunder.
    6 Time Out.
    7. Spiders and thander.
    9.Time+Art= ?
    From Hannah and Otilia

  9. 1. Chocolate
    2. Hide n seek
    3. Pet care and tech G
    4. Soccer
    5. Animals and chocolate
    6. Time out
    7. Spiders and thunder
    8. Chocolate
    9. How many people voted?
    By Olivia and Giles

  10. 1.chocoate
    2.hide and seek pet care
    5.animals and chocoate
    6.time out
    7.thuder and spiders
    9.whats the most disliked?
    From Ned and Lara

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