15 thoughts on “Grandparents’ Day

  1. Hi mrs Tomazos
    My grandparents are special to me because they care for me and buy me lots of stuff.

  2. my Nonna is special because she brings me to the park and she brings me to my friends houes.

  3. Hi Mrs Tomazos,
    My grandparents are speoil becuse i love them and i go to there house and they love me.

  4. hello mrs tomazos my special person was my mum she is special because she looks after me

  5. Hi Mrs.Tomazos my grama and grampa are inportent to me becase they buy me stuf and they love me.Sanjeev

  6. Dear 1/2 CT,
    “Did you like your grandparents day?” Christiasn
    “What questions did you ask your special person?” Oliver
    “We liked your love heart video.” Talia
    ‘Your photos and song choice was very good.” Joshua P.
    “Did all the special people answer different questions?” Neve.

    Thank you,
    Love the Preppies

  7. What a beautiful video of all the special people. I think Mrs Chapman would make a wonderful police woman xx

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