Maths – Shape Monsters

After learning about two dimensional shapes, students had to use a key to create a picture of themselves using various shapes. Please tell us what you think about our monsters!!!

10 thoughts on “Maths – Shape Monsters

  1. These images are terrific and show the great learning in your class. I might do a similar activity with my class.
    The CT group 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Tomazos and Grade 1’s,
    We loved your Monster Maths activity.
    “I liked your shapes” Joshua P.
    “The monster’s were because you used many shaes.” Helena
    “We loved your shape monsters” Andre
    “We liked how you made them” Oliver
    “I liked your work’ Tiana
    “How did you make those monsters?” Daniel
    “We can name some 2D shapes we saw…
    circle – Neve
    triangel – Helena
    square – Gisele
    rectangle – Matthew
    oval – Christian
    semi-circle – Joshua P.

    Thank you.
    Love the Preppies

  3. Wow preps, thanks for your lovely comment about our work on shapes. Can you draw some of these shapes? We would love to see some shape monsters!!
    Mrs Tomazos

  4. Hi Mrs Tomazos,
    I think the 1/2s shape monsters look fantastic. And they used the 2D shapes very well. They look terrific!!!!!

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