Monochromatic Maths?

Have a good close look at the following piece of artwork. What do you notice? How does it link to mathematics you ask yourself?
Well start by looking at the shapes.
How many different shapes can you identify?
How many of each shape can you find?
What are some distinguishing features of some of the shapes?

5 thoughts on “Monochromatic Maths?

  1. The artwork has five different kinds of shapes. There is one rhombus, two circles, five triangles, seven rectangles and two squares.
    There are two circles: one is big and one is small.
    There are five triangles: three are small, one is medium and one is big.

  2. There are:
    10 rectangles
    6 triangles
    2 circles
    1 rhombus
    3 irregular shapes

  3. I can see that you are learning a great deal about shapes, Grade 1/2’s. I love the way you are linking your shape learning with your art learning.
    It made me think of a funny sum. I wonder if anyone can think of an answer:
    Maths+Art =


  5. Thanks Nicholas. What do you LOVE the most? What would you like to see more of, any ideas?? Mrs T

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