SEL- Girls and Boys are GREAT!!

As part of our SEL unit, we started talking about things that we like and dislike. After some discussion and a short survey, this is what we found out. We used the Web2 tool ‘Create a Graph’ to graph data.

Online Graphing

Online Graphing
Create a chart

ANSWER the following questions. If you can think of another question, please add it to your comment.

1. Which activity was ‘liked’ the most?

2. Which activity was ‘liked’ the least?

3. Which two ‘liked’ activities are very close?

4. What does the ‘liked’ yellow bar represent?

5. Which two ‘disliked’ activities has a difference of 2?

6. Which activity was ‘disliked’ the most?

7. 26 students disliked these activities. What might they be?

8. What was ‘disliked’ the least?


Oil Pastels and Baby Oil










Last week grade 1/2 students made a still life using oil pastels.

Once finished, they used baby oil to blend the colours together.

What do you think? Have you tried using baby oil on art pieces before? If so, when and what was completed?


Ormie the Pig

After watching this short clip answer the following questions.

1. What is Ormie trying to do?

2. What values are evident? Give examples.

3. How would YOU solve the problem if you were Ormie?

Monochromatic Maths?

Have a good close look at the following piece of artwork. What do you notice? How does it link to mathematics you ask yourself?
Well start by looking at the shapes.
How many different shapes can you identify?
How many of each shape can you find?
What are some distinguishing features of some of the shapes?